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REMAP-CAP is the short name for “A Randomised, Embedded, Multi-factorial, Adaptive Platform Trial for Community-Acquired Pneumonia”


REMAP-CAP is a research trial taking place in 130 hospitals in the United Kingdom and in more than 300 hospitals around the world.

It is looking at which medicines will most help people when they are in hospital for pneumonia (a lung infection), flu or COVID-19.

This research is called a ‘platform trial’. This means that several different medicines can be tested at the same time. We can find out which ones work best and stop using the ones that aren’t helping people with lung infections. New treatments can also be added. This study aims to improve outcomes for patients with pneumonia, flu and COVID-19.

For more information about research and taking part in the study, please see the videos below or speak to a member of your healthcare team.

How healthcare research is done

Taking part in REMAP-CAP

For more information on how your data is used for REMAP-CAP, please download the privacy notice


Study data will now be held for 25 years in line with updates to Article 58 of Clinical Trial Regulations

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